Dot Arena Gameplay Guide Edit

Warm greetings and welcome to the game! In order to have a good start, it is recommended for you to start the game on the latest server. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to catch up with the other players (who have already played for weeks or even months and may have already reached Level 80) if you choose to play on one of the older servers. 

Beginner's Guide (Below Level 10) Edit


Tutorial finger

The Dot Arena journey begins with a simple tutorial where you would be able to start campaigning while being introduced to the basics of the game interface by Naomi, our lovely mascot. Your goal during the first hour of the game would be to complete the stages and increase your Party Level as soon as possible. This is because your Party Level determines your Hero Level Limit and in addition, more stages will also be opened as your Party Level increases.


  1. Equip and fuse your initial 5 Heroes as much as possible as they will bring you through the first few chapters.
  2. Start to upgrade your heroes’ abilities upon reaching Level 7. (Refer to Heroes Guide - Ability Priority Guide for the recommended upgrading order.) Upgrading any abilities for 3 times will also help you to complete your Abilities Dailies task and get you 60 Party Exp.
  3. Remember to complete the Dailies tasks to get Party Exp in order to level up faster.
  4. Try to clear the map as far as possible. If you find yourself stuck at any chapter, try leveling up your heroes by either giving them EXP potion, upgrading their abilities, or going back to previous chapters to farm more equipment to equip them. You will find it easier to clear the chapter when your heroes are more equipped and/or have better stats.
  5. If you run out of Energy, you can either wait for the drumsticks to automatically recover (1 Drumstick recovers every 6 minutes) or collect 60 drumsticks from DAILIES 3 times a day at 12pm, 6pm, and 9pm respectively. Otherwise, you can also purchase additional drumsticks using diamonds (F2P players are allowed to purchase 1 round of 120 drumsticks per day. The number of times you can purchase Energy increases when you increase your VIP level)


  1. The game resets at 5am (GMT+8) every day.
  2. You can collect 60 extra drumsticks from the DAILIES list at 3 timings everyday – 12pm, 6pm and 9pm.
  3. A reward will be given for every day you log in. Just click on CALENDAR once per day to collect items like machinery gear, EXP Mozzarella, Dust, soulstones, and even diamonds! A free hero will also be given on the 7th day you log in every month!
  4. You can use a Pass Card to clear any stage that has been completed with 3 stars. Pass Cards are useful when you need to farm equipment or soulstones and additional EXP potion will be dropped whenever you pass a stage.
  5. Remember to complete the DAILIES tasks to get Party Exp and/or other loot like coins and items.
  6. You can start farming for soulstones once the Heroic mode is unlocked. The earlier you start, the faster you can promote your heroes or get new heroes (Refer to Heroes Guide for recommended soulstones to farm). You can also earn extra Party Exp for completing 3 Heroic quests daily!
  7. You can also check the QUESTS list for stages you can clear to collect loot like coins, items, soulstones or even diamonds!
  8. You can create a Party Name by clicking on the Avatar on the upper left corner of the main game screen. However, do note that changing your name will cost you 100 diamonds and that you will not be able to make a second change until 7 days later. Therefore, remember to choose your name wisely!

Golden Timings to Remember!

  • Feast Time (Collect drumsticks): 12 p.m. / 6 p.m. / 9 p.m.
  • Shopping Times (Buy Equipment/Soulstones):
    • Trader Store: Refreshes at 9 a.m / 12 p.m. / 6 p.m. / 9 p.m.
    • Crucible Supply Wagon/Arena Armory/Guild Store: Refreshes at 9 p.m.
    • Goblin Peddler/Black Market: Refreshes at 9 p.m.
  • Arena Ranking Time: 9 p.m.

Early Game Guide (Level 10 – 29) Edit

Most players would be able to reach Party Level 10 within the first hour of their gameplay if they complete all the Dailies tasks. The Arena stage will be unlocked and you would be able to start challenging opponents and earn extra diamonds whenever you break your highest ranking record. More stages will also be opened as your Party Level increases



You can get your first 3-star hero by drawing the first Golden Chest with 288 diamonds. If you do not have enough diamonds, simply like the Dot Arena Facebook page for a Promo Code to get 288 diamonds and other fan goodies! (The redemption of Promo Code function unlocks at Level 10 and can be found on SETTINGS when you click on your Avatar.)


Like the Facebook page, click “Fan Goodies” and redeem your Promo Code! However, do note that you can only do this through a computer.

You can also try your luck to get another hero by using 90K coins on your first 10 Bronze Chests. Although it only says “Rare Item Guaranteed”, you may be able to get a 1 or 2-star hero. Good luck! At this point, some players may decide to restart if they do not like the hero that they have drawn. However, once you get the hero that you like, you can then consider purchasing some diamonds to become a VIP for more benefits.


After getting your first hero (or heroes), it is time for you to decide whom to keep and continue using in your main team.


Tutorial head coco
  1. Pros: Able to stun enemies and deal AOE magic damage with his ultimate skill; also able to lift a single target
  2. Cons: Not as tanky as other Tanks, average 3rd & 4th skills
  3. Verdict: Change him out of your main team once you get a better Tank.


  1. Pros: Able to deal heavy magic damage on a single target
  2. Cons: Becomes average during mid to end game with a not-too-useful 4th skill
  3. Verdict: Ok to use during early game but change her out of your main team once you get a better DPS hero.


  1. Pros: Useful silencing skill; 4th skill can also increase physical attack for all allies
  2. Cons: 1st and 2nd skills are only decent as compared to other top-tier heroes
  3. Verdict: Good to use from the beginning to the end of the game. A Must-Train hero!

Tip: You should be able to promote her to 2-star within a few days by completing the Heroic quests and collecting her soulstones!


  1. Pros: Able to deal high AOE magic damage; 4th skill also increases his magic ability
  2. Cons: Only 1 interruption skill; gets targeted easily due to his position
  3. Verdict: Change him out of your main team once you get a better mage


  1. Pros: Very important healing skill; also able to charm enemies with her 3rd skill
  2. Cons: Very low DPS
  3. Verdict: A must-train hero useful for campaigning and also one of the most important members for Crucible of Fire.

Tip: Start farming her soulstones to raise her stars as soon as possible.


Todolist icon pvp

Arena unlocks at Level 10 and you are allowed to challenge 5 teams for free every day. You will be given a one-time diamond reward every time you break your highest record. A ranking reward* consisting of diamonds, coins, EXP potions and Gladiator Medals (for players with ranking 10000 and above) will also be sent to your mailbox at 9 p.m. daily. During Arena fights, Auto-Battle is enabled and you would not be able to manually use your heroes’ skills. Therefore, it is important to build a strong team in order to increase your probability of winning.

*For more details on the ranking rewards, you may refer to the thread on “Arena medals query” on Dot Arena forum at the following url:

Components of a Good Arena Team Edit

  • A good tank with high durability
  • Heroes with high DPS
  • Heroes with good disabling skills (e.g. Bo & Mo’s freezing skill, Medusa’s petrifying skill etc)

Example of a commonly used Arena team:

  • Leo – very “tanky” with a useful revival skill (after purple fusion) which helps him to attack mid-row enemies when he revives
  • Jugo – able to deal high AOE physical damage and possesses buffing abilities
  • Bo&Mo – one of the highest DPS mages with good control and disabling skills
  • Lumina – able to deal high DPS and possesses good interrupting skills
  • Noire – excellent silencing skill that can help delay opponents’ casting time

Tips for ArenaEdit

  • Save your last arena chance and refresh to an opponent that you are likely to win 2-3 minutes before 9pm so as to secure a higher ranking for that day.
  • Use your Gladiator Medals to exchange for soulstones instead of equipment. You can refresh the Armory with 10 medals if you have enough medals to buy the soulstones twice (i.e. if you have 1010 medals, you can buy 5 soulstones of one hero, refresh the armory, then buy another 5 soulstones of the same hero).
  • Golden Tip for players below level 20: Look out for and challenge opponents with weird names and/or team combination and high Team ATK. If you are lucky, they may be NPCs who are there to help you increase your ranking!
  • Golden Tip for breaking your highest record (and getting more diamonds!): If you refresh to an opponent who happens to be your friend and has a higher ranking than your highest record, you can ask him/her to take away one or two heroes temporarily so that you can defeat his/her team easily. Remember to thank your friend after getting a new record and your diamond reward!


Shop head panda
Bo&Mo Ragnar Vincent Drako Pandor
Initial Star Ranking ★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Strengths Very high CC & DPS High DPS, gains attack power when others die Good Tank with excellent healing and immune abilities Heavy single damage over time Very high HP and DPS
Weaknesses Can only attack front and mid row enemies Too squishy; no CC abilities Becomes squishy during mid to late game Not that useful before purple fusion Easily interrupted and may not survive long enough to cast
Remarks Commonly used in Arena and COF Rarely used hero Very useful for COF before purple fusion Rarely used for Arena or COF but very useful for Guild Raids Commonly used in Arena


Todolist icon cot

Caverns of Time unlocks at Level 14 and is one of the easiest stages for you to hunt for EXP potions (at “Tidal Temple” on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) and machinery gears that you can sell for money (at “Dwarven Forge” on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays). Make sure that you complete either the “Tidal Temple” stage or “Dwarven Forge” stage twice per day to complete your Caverns of Time Dailies task and don’t forget to complete all the stages on Sundays for more EXP potions and sellable items!


The Trader feature is unlocked upon completion of the normal campaign in Chapter 2 and is a good and affordable place for you to buy equipment for your heroes. The store is refreshed 4 times a day at 9am, 12pm, 6pm and 9pm respectively.

Golden Tips:

  1. Buy all the equipment (especially the purple fragments which are difficult to farm but important for fusion) every time the store refreshes. Even if your heroes may not require the equipments, you can always use them as enchantment materials or save them for later use when you get new heroes!
  2. Only buy the soulstones if it is the hero you wish to build. A good time to buy them would be the time when you are just short of one or two soulstones to promote your hero to the next star rank.
  3. Do not buy the EXP potions unless you are in urgent need to level up your heroes. Remember that you can easily get EXP potions when you pass stages or farm them at “Tidal Temple” (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) before you resort to buying them from the store.


Todolist icon enhance

The Enchanter is opened when your party reaches Level 20 and all equipment that are green and above can be enchanted. It is important to note that enchantment stats will not be carried over when you fuse your hero. Therefore, you may notice a drop in your heroes’ stats after fusion. However, a portion of the enchantment materials used will be returned to you in the form of Dust and the amount returned is determined by the level (i.e. number of stars) that equipment was previously enchanted to. Enchantment is not very important during the early stages (before Blue+1) as your heroes will level up and fuse very quickly. Most players will find it sufficient just to level up one piece of equipment to complete their enchantment Dailies task unless they are very competitive players in Arena. Other good times to enchant your heroes’ equipment include the following scenarios:

  1. When you are unable to clear a dungeon despite maximizing your heroes’ levels and abilities. Enchanting your heroes’ equipment will then enhance your heroes’ stats and increase the probability of you clearing that stage.
  2. When you need to wait a very long time to fuse your heroes to the next level (e.g. from Blue+2 to Purple). You will find it easier to clear your Crucible of Fire stages and also, to secure a higher ranking in Arena when your heroes’ equipments are fully enchanted.

Tips for EnchanterEdit

  1. As a start, focus on enchanting equipment that increases Health Recovery and Power Recovery stats. A higher Power Recovery stats will increase your heroes’ casting frequency during battles.
  2. Buy all the equipment at Trader whenever the store refreshes so that you will have more enchantment material. You can refer to Dot Arena Official Website and check the fusion list for equipment needed by your heroes so that you would know what are the remaining materials you can use for enchantment.

E.g. List of equipment needed for Eva’s fusion from White to Green and so on (


Todolist icon exercise

Dojo is unlocked at Level 25 and is the best place for you to hunt for fragments that require a lot of Energy to farm. There are 3 stages with 4 levels of difficulty each and you can play the opened stage 5 times a day from Mondays to Saturdays and a total of 15 times on Sundays if you want more loot!

Valley of The Broken HalberdEdit

  1. Opens every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
  2. Loot: Fragments of equipment that enhances Agility (E.g. Sneaky Dagger, Silver Hammer and/or Noire’s Bow etc depending on the stage difficulty)
  3. Recommended Team: Heroes who can deal high magic DPS

Cursed CityEdit

  1. Opens every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday
  2. Loot: Fragments of equipment that enhances Intelligence (E.g. Sage Stuff, Great Sword and/or Naomi’s Icestaff etc depending on the stage difficulty)
  3. Recommended Team: Physical heroes

Ride of the ValkyriesEdit

  1. Opens every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  2. Loot: Fragments of equipment that enhances Strength (E.g. Brutal Axe, Ultimate Relic and/or Brutus Demise etc depending on the stage difficulty)
  3. Recommended Team: Only female heroes are allowed in this stage.
  4. Golden Tip: If you do not have a 4th female hero, you can hire one from your guild. Otherwise, you can also try farming soulstones for either Marina (can be the Tank for your female team) or Naomi (hero with good disabling skills and official mascot for Dot Arena!) who only require 30 soulstones to summon and are relatively easier to farm.

Tips for DojoEdit

  1. Try to play the normal difficulty stage as soon as you can so that you do not have to spend too much time and Energy farming fragments from Campaign dungeons.
  2. If you find it difficult to pass the stage when you start on a new difficulty level, try fighting manually instead of using Auto-Battle. You may stand a better chance of winning by using your heroes’ skills manually.
  3. Although you are only required to play Dojo 3 times to clear your Dojo Dailies task, try to complete all 5 times every day (and 15 times on Sunday if you are free) to collect as much loot as possible.

Mid Game Guide (Level 30 – 45) Edit

Level 30 unlocks the Crucible of Fire and also marks the beginning of a more challenging journey where you have to start strategizing and making decisions on what kind of team you wish to build and which heroes you should focus on.


Todolist icon crusade

Crucible of Fire (COF) is one of the best dungeons for farming coins. There are a total of 15 stages and you may use all the heroes that you have as long as their level is 20 or above. The HP and Power of your heroes will be retained and carried over after each battle and heroes who have died would not be revived. The difficulty level will increase with each stage and you may often meet enemies who are of a higher level than you towards the last few waves. Therefore, proper planning is the key to progressing as far as possible.


  1. A good tank with high durability. Vincent would be a good choice due to his healing and immune abilities.
  2. A Healer is a must-have as healing is a key factor for your team to sustain. Start farming Eva’s soulstones early so that you can promote her as soon as possible. Also, upgrade her healing ability and/or enchant the equipments with healing effects whenever you have enough resources to do so.
  3. Heroes with high AOE damage. It would be a bonus if your hero possesses good crowd control (disabling/interrupting) skills as well. Jade is one of the recommended mages you can use due to her high DPS and “stunning” skill.

It would also be a good idea to:

  1. Upgrade your heroes’ important skills. Maximize the abilities with accuracy that increases with level. Example: Noire’s 3rd Skill “Silence” - Silence a number of enemies, only allowing them to use physical attacks. Silence accuracy increases with level. Enemies below level (your current party level) will always be silenced.
  2. Enchant your heroes’ equipments. Focus on equipment that increases power recovery stats to maximize casting frequency during battles.


  1. Play COF later in the day after your heroes have increased their Hero Level or when they are fused and/or better equipped. 
  2. Use the Home button to reset the current stage if your heroes die accidentally during the battle. Close your app before the current battle ends, reopen it and your heroes will be miraculously alive!  
  3. Use your Dragon Scales to exchange for soulstones instead of equipment. You can refresh the store with 10 scales if you have enough scales to buy the soulstones twice. 


  1. Have a strong main team with Vincent as the first Tank and Eva as the Healer (you can hire one Vincent from your guild if you do not have him). 
  2. During the first few stages, team up Vincent (main Tank) and Eva with a mixture of your main team members and your spare heroes. Clear the first few stages without using your heroes’ ultimate skills and keep their power bars full. 
  3. Ensure that your heroes won’t die by activating Eva’s healing power or Vincent’s ultimate skill. If one of your heroes dies accidentally, use the Home button to reset the stage immediately. 
  4. Once the power bars of all the heroes that you want to use are full, use your main team to clear the remaining stages. 
  5. During the last few stages, if your opponent team is too strong and your main heroes still die (after using the Home button many times), reset the stage and use your spare heroes for a kamikaze attack. 
  6. Blast the ultimate skills of your spare heroes and kill as many enemies as possible. Finally, bring in your main team to wipe out the opponent team and then collect the awesome loot from the last COF chest! 


Shop head tb
Gyzmo Hyral Jugo
Initial Star Ranking ★★
Strengths Cast more frequently than other heroes; can attack mid and back row enemies High magic DPS; excellent Buffing and Debuffing abilities Very high physical AOE DPS; useful buffing abilities
Weaknesses Dies easily Takes a very long time to cast Weak during early game (before 2 star)
Remarks Rarely used hero Commonly used in Arena and very useful for COF (especially for late game); good for Magic teams Commonly used in Arena and COF; good for Physical teams


It is important for you to join a Guild once you reach Party Level 32 for the following benefits:

  1. Dispatching a hero to the Mercenary Camp earns you 20 Party Exp and one EXP vial (Dailies task - Mercenary Expedition). You will also be able to get coins from your Defense Income (by letting your heroes stay in the camp) and Hired Hero Income (hiring fee from your guild mates whenever they hire your heroes).
  2. By giving Props to players with a higher Party Level than you, you would be able to get 15 free drumsticks daily (The player you “propped” will receive coins in exchange).
  3. You can hire heroes from the Mercenary Camp to help you fight stages such as Campaign, COF, Caverns of Time and Dojo. This is useful when you are short of female heroes for the Female Dojo or when one of your main heroes die during COF.
  4. You can invite guild mates to help you secure gold mines/workshops in Treasure Cave.
  5. You would be able to participate in Guild Raids (starting from Chapter 7) to collect loot and coins. You can also use Brotherhood Coins (which is given upon completing the Guild Raid Dailies task or after clearing the raid dungeon) to exchange for hero soulstones and equipment at the Guild Store.


  1. Try to dispatch your strongest heroes to increase the chances of people hiring them. If you have Vincent, make sure you train him well and dispatch him as he is one of the most commonly hired hero (for COF) in the camp!
  2. The longer your heroes stay in the camp, the more coins you will get. Therefore, try not to recall them unless you need them for securing treasure mines (Treasure Cave unlocks at Level 42).


Shop head 2
Shop head 3

The Goblin Peddler and the Black Market Smuggler appears randomly when you clear Campaign stages. You will be able to buy rare equipment and hero soulstones using either coins or diamonds. However, they will usually cost higher than the ones sold at the Trader store. VIP players can summon the Goblin Peddler (VIP 9) and the Black Market Smuggler (VIP 11) permanently by paying a one-time summoning fee using diamonds and both stores refresh at 9 P.M. daily.

Golden tip:

Only buy items that can be purchased using coins unless you have a lot of diamonds to spend.


Treasure Cave unlocks when you reach Party Level 42 and is a good place for you to earn “passive income”. By securing treasure zones for a period of time, you would be able to earn either coins or EXP Salves and some diamonds. In order to enter the treasure zones, your heroes must be at least Level 35 and the higher your Team ATK is, the faster you would be able to secure the treasure. However, you would not be able to use the heroes that you have dispatched to the Mercenary Camp. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least 12 heroes – 2 for the Mercenary Camp and 10 for securing treasure (players who are below VIP 5 can secure up to 2 zones at any point of time).

Excavate flag available

Golden Tip: You can plunder other players’ treasure zones if you need some extra coins or EXP Salves urgently. Once you defeat the defending team(s), you would be able to get a portion of their already secured resources (coins/EXP Salves) as well as a few pieces of diamonds.


  1. This is the best time for you to decide what kind of team you wish to build so that you can plan which heroes to focus on. For a start, you can decide whether you prefer a physical team or a magic team. You can also consider whether you want to focus on building a team to excel in COF, Arena or Guild Raids. (Refer to Teambuilding Guide for more information on teambuilding strategies.)
  2. If you are unable to clear any stage, you can try again with a different team combination (if you have more than 5 strong heroes). Otherwise, level up your heroes (by increasing their Hero Level, upgrading their abilities, or enchanting their equipment) before trying again.
  3. You can choose not to upgrade all the abilities of your main heroes if you have limited coins. Instead, focus your resources on abilities that are important for your heroes/team. You may refer to Heroes Guide - Ability Priority Guide for the recommended upgrading order.
  4. You should also start farming for purple fragments (or buy them from the stores) as soon as possible because it takes 20 fragments to craft one purple equipment. You would find it easier and faster for you to fuse your heroes to purple in the later stages if you start collecting the fragments early.
  5. Finally, remember to complete all your Dailies tasks so that you can get more Party Exp to level up faster. This is very important as the further you progress, the longer it will take for you to level up.

Late Game Guide (Level 46 - 79) Edit

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